Taking Charge

I was more than a little sceptical about the healing powers of Amber. It made some sense that it contains succinic acid, the same ingredient used in ibuprofen and therefore holds the potential to act in a similar way. The basis for my scepticism was the fact that Amber is a substance that has lain on the earth for countless Milena, it has been subject to immense heat and power, rolled through glaciers and pummelled by tsunami’s, with that in mind what difference would its proximity to my skin have on its ability to release succinic acid?

Despite this I decided to treat myself too a raw Baltic Amber bracelet. It is a beautiful thing and we all deserve some beauty! Since it’s arrival I have worn in night and day for the past two weeks. In the shower I soak it in the warm water and use it to massage my spine, in the water the amber becomes much softer, feeling almost pliable and holds alot of heat.

I have been TOTALLY STUNNED with the results! From almost the moment I started wearing it I have generally been feeling much better. Showers have been easier, the watery amber incredibly soothing, I have slept better. The pain is less intense and I haven’t had any petit-mal for a while either!

Perhaps it is merely a Placebo, but as I had such little faith in it and was so skeptical I find that hard to believe. I have been ‘resting’ continuously for over a month now, so I am sure that’s contributing. I have also been Oil Pulling for several weeks now too and I think that must be helping too. At the end of the day, even if it’s a placebo, if it works, as it seems to be, who cares?!

My point in this blog post is to illustrate the fact that I believe that there are four things which are currently contributing the most to my health:

  1. Food –  sources of: iron, omega-3, vitamin c, magnesium
  2. Amber
  3. Oil Pulling
  4. Rest

All of these are things which I have researched myself. It is true that Doctors have mentioned Rest to me in passing, as an after thought, no one has come up with any ideas on what this might look like or what exactly Rest means, that is something I’ve done myself. It is an empowering thought that I have taken charge of my own health in this way. I am in charge of my life, my body, I have not sat back and taken advice only from The Pharmaceutical Experts. No one can know your body like you do.

I hope my blog will inspire others to be less skeptical, to try things that consultant’s don’t tell them about and mostly to LISTEN to themselves. When you find something that works for you, celebrate it, cherish it. It is an amazing accomplishment!

Sit, be sill and listen. Rumi.

Sit, be sill and listen. Rumi.



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The post is an amazing thing. When the day is grey and I am horizontal yet again, the thud of the post through the door is not only a welcome distraction, but when it bears such wonderful gifts it lifts my soul! Not only has my MedicalAmber Bracelet arrived, in a beautiful box & instruction scroll but a blow-painted card from my Goddaughter.

Elizabeth-Ivy the card making princess! So blessed am I.

Elizabeth-Ivy the card making princess! So blessed am I.

No electronic communication will ever rival a handmade card, bursting with love and good energy in every tattered corner, scrunched up cellotape and handwritten words.

Reason to be joyful number 100,000,000!

my healing amber

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Amber Healing

As well as plants there are several other remedies for pain and inflamation that your consultant won’t tell you about. I am sure there are many more but here are a few I’ve learn’t about and am keen to explore further.

Amber Healing

I had heard from wonderful Mamma friends of mine about them using amber necklaces to soothe their children’s teething, but I didn’t know too much about it and I didn’t know it might work for grown-ups too.

What is Baltic Amber?

Although it feels as hard as stone, Baltic amber is infact a fossilised resin produced by ancient pine trees, which grew in Northern Europe, around the Baltic sea 300 million years ago. Pieces of amber, naturally torn from the Baltic Sea floor, are carried ashore by waves and collected at ebb-tide. Harvesters, furnished with nets at the end of long poles, wade into shallow waters of the Baltic Sea and drag their nets through seaweeds which may contain masses of entangled amber. Some rake amber up from boats.

How does it heal?

As it is made from resin (similar to frankensince) Baltic amber has high concentrations of a unique substance known as succinic acid. This powerful antioxidant has been shown to stimulate neural system recovery, ease inflammation and bolster the immune system, it helps restore strength and energy to the entire body. Baltic amber is a natural analgesic and possesses anti-inflammatory properties, so is often used to ease joint pain. Baltic amber  is one of the most important natural sources of succinic acid in the world. Baltic amber warms against the skin, holding heat and slowly releasing succinic acid safely and naturally.

Ancient Amber:
Baltic amber was highly prized among the ancient Nordic peoples, as well as by the Celts, the Mediterranean peoples, Arabs, Egyptians and the Chinese. Amber gems were not only valued for their unique beauty but also for their healing and protective qualities. Amber was revered by these ancient peoples as a medicinal substance, and many healing elixirs have been made with it down through the ages. Amber is used to clear the chakras, to fill the body with vitality, alleviate stress, and is believed to help draw disease out of the body and encourage healing. It also acts as a natural antibiotic and has a long history of use in healing wounds. It is touted in Russia and other European countries for its youth preserving and cell rejuvenating properties. It is commonly used in anti-aging formulations and to aid recovery of cancer patients after undergoing standard medical therapies.
I am slightly sceptical about Ambers ability to help inflammation as it is a very hard, strong substance which has lain on the earth for millenia, been subject to immense, heat, pressure and cold, why should it’s proximity to my skin enable it to release this magical succinic acid? However, it is beautiful, I am always up for trying non-invasive things, I deserve a treat! and even if it’s only a placebo, I’m not a scientist- if it works who cares?! With that in mind I have just ordered myself a Medical Baltic Amber Bracelet quite expensive (£18 inc.postage) but a treat with healing potential is sometimes required and I am blessed to be able to afford an experiment. When it’s arrived and I’ve worn it for a bit I’ll write some more then.


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